What Kind of Daughter?

by Rayanne Haines

What Kind of Daughter? is a poetic memoir by Rayanne Haines that considers identity and gender expectations while exploring the public perception of the space between the spaces we inhabit during periods of grieving, whether that grieving is based in loss of self or the loss of another. In this hybrid collection of poetry and essay, Haines reflects on her life growing up in rural Alberta, and considers the loss of her mother to cancer while asking questions such as how do we steer through holding patterns of almost grief, how do we navigate the terrain of discovery, how do we journey through the burden of care? In, What Kind of Daughter?Haines reflects on the choices women are asked to make and challenges readers to reflect on the way we value, devalue, or simply exist within the spaces of gender and grief.

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Rayanne Haines

Rayanne Haines (she/her) is an award-winning hybrid author and pushcart nominated poet as well as a cultural producer of films, stage shows, and panels. Rayanne has penned three poetry collections – The Stories in My Skin (2013), Stained with the Colours of Sunday Morning (Inanna, 2017), and Tell The Birds Your Body Is Not A Gun (Frontenac, 2021) which won the 2022 Stephan G. Stephansson, Alberta Literary Award for Poetry as well as being shortlisted for both the BPAA Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry, and the National ReLit Award for Poetry. She hosts the literary podcast Crow Reads, is the president for the League of Canadian Poets, and is an Assistant Professor in Arts and Cultural Management at MacEwan University. Rayanne has been published in the Globe and Mail, Minola Review, Fiddlehead, Grain, FreeFall, Prairie Fire, and others.

Anyone who has known the bewilderment of grief will find companionship in this intimate book. Untethered by boundaries of genre or by the gendered expectations that shaped her early life, Haines shows us that vulnerability is also power, that beauty can inhabit loss, and that grief is indeed “a sapling”—a living thing to be tended.
~ Jennifer Bowering Delisle, author of Micrographia

A sinewy exploration of daughterhood and the weight of grief. Haines moves deftly between prose and verse, between memoir and fragments of memory. Her meditations cut to the heart of things – they’re prismatic, complex and always dripping with what’s real. The speaker’s voice radiates power and vulnerability in equal measure. She’s willing to look truth in the eye, even if that means staring down the illusions we cling to in order to survive. This is a book about cancer, about culture, about nature, about loss. It’s about control and the lack of control. Death is everywhere in these pages, and yet the reader is left with the hopeful spiral of life-goes-on, a loving gesture towards infinity.
~ Jaclyn Desforges, author of Danger Flower

An extraordinary reflection on the clarifying fire of grief, each poem deftly balances shadow and light. This is a portrait of a mountain of a woman who, having travelled the jagged landscape of despair, is unafraid to meet her own blazing eyes in the mirror and not flinch. What kind of daughter? This kind.
~ Titilope Sonuga, Edmonton’s 9th Poet Laureate