Three-Way Renegade: $amuel $teward Without Apology

by Keith Garebian

Raw, tender, raunchy, melancholy, witty, and richly allusive, Three-Way Renegade is a satiric portrait in verse of Samuel Steward, a flamboyant, anarchic gay icon who passed from a life as a discontented academic to a sensational career as tattoo artist and notorious writer of erotic and pornographic literature. Composed entirely of octets (shifting in diction, tone, line-lengths and chronology with virtuoso facility), it radiates poetic eloquence and rhythmic verve as it follows the renegade’s life and the various historic figures (Alfred Kinsey, Thornton Wilder, Gertrude Stein to name but three) who came into this life. A tour de force hyper-erotic odyssey.

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Keith Garebian

Keith Garebian is the author of nineteen books of non-fiction and ten previous poetry collections. He is the winner of the William Saroyan Medal (Armenia), and numerous other awards for writing. His poetry has been translated into French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Armenian, and Hungarian.


Risking the risqué with lit candles, the best
leather whips and branded skin, salt ecstasies
for sale, however much is charged,
his core belief in shining, stinging flesh
to burn in memory like perpetual flame,
the beauty of the body driving to the stars.
Fame knows him for his intimate obsessions,
nothing human abhorrent or denied.