Think of How Old We Could Get (Downloadable PDF)

by Tyler Engström

Think of How Old We Could Get is an existentialist tour guide led by a clean-eyed nihilist or an unreliable narrator. These poems are about eating oysters, eating the rich, Ferrari jackets in deadbeat bars, many crying men, and poisoned generations. These poems are a reflection of our culture and what it means to be a real human person, focused only on the things that you didn't even look twice at when you passed them by even though they stared at you the entire time. These poems are also about none of these things.

Finalist for the 2022 Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry

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Tyler Engström

Tyler Engström is a writer based in Calgary. In 2017 he was a finalist for the Writer’s Trust RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers. His poems have previously been collected in Drifting Like a Metaphor: Calgary Poets of Promise and have been featured individually elsewhere. Think of How Old We Could Get is his first book.