The Hundred-Year Circus

by Sarah Gibbs

The Hundred-Year Circus is a raucous poem/play/epic/narrative-unlimited that is by turns haunting, compelling, and fun. The story: America, riven by political division and blighted by the climate crisis, musters three figures from myth—the Tramp, the Man in the Mask, and the Prophet—to act as champions in a once-in-a-century reckoning. Along for the ride? Survivalist cults, bungling world leaders, migrant caravans, and Jokerman, the First American and immortal Judge. By means of an energetic Bob-Dylan-esque fusion of forms—including free verse, prose poems, invocations, and elegies—the collection considers the fate of a troubled republic. In her innovative debut, Sarah Gibbs provides readers with a dazzling ride they won’t soon forget.

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Sarah Gibbs

Sarah Gibbs is a poet and playwright whose work has appeared in publications such as Descant, Filling Station Magazine, and Novelty Magazine. She is a George Orwell scholar and Fellow of the Royal Society of Art (RSA), and holds a PhD in English Literature from University College London (UCL). She lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she works as a professional librarian.

You are hereby drafted
   press-ganged resurrected.

Come out of your histories  
   deep-sleep mythologies  
   exercises in entropy.

Come to the world’s engine, putrefying Gotham—to New York, where the night lasts for days.

Jokerman’s Court is assembling.