The Bride Anthology

by Patria Rivera

The ways of love are long and torturous. They include the ability to start over after things have blown up as well as the fine art of remembering the good times and forgetting the bad. Sometimes we need an old, never-married aunt to bring us back to an understanding of where true love resides. Or a Catullus who keeps on redefining what the ideal love relationship is. Or someone who has loved too fast and too furiously. The convoluted paths of love never fail to beguile. Catch this poet as she runs after the fickleness of love and longing.

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Patria Rivera

Patria Rivera is a Toronto poet and editor. Her first poetry collection, Puti/White, launched in 2005, was shortlisted for the 2006 Trillium Book Award for Poetry.

Patria won an honourable mention in the 1997 ARC National Poetry Magazine Poem of the Year Contest and has received fellowships to the Banff Centre for the Arts and the Hawthornden Castle International Writers Retreat Centre in Scotland.

In 2005, Rivera’s poem, “Rare species”, was selected as the second prize winner in the Eric Hill Award of Poetic Excellence competition held by QWERTY, a literary journal published by the English Department of the University of New Brunswick.

Born and raised in the Philippines, she lives with her family in Toronto’s east end.

Second prize winner of the Eric Hill Award of Poetic Excellence

The Bride Anthology is as tasty as it gets in Canada, and the poet is as adept with a strophe as she is with a distich. Indeed, Rivera uses all the resources of the poet with equal aplomb: recurrent motifs and cognate imagery at the atomic level; tropes and schemes at the sub-atomic level. It’s a rich collection and one I’m likely to return to to sip at awhile in the shade.
~ Richard Stevenson, Northern Poetry Review