Swallowing My Mother

by Catherine Moss

Catherine Moss is a jeweller of words. Every poem in Swallowing My Mother is carefully crafted and polished, but beneath the polish lies great emotional risk. Whether she is dealing with childhood loss, her passion for gardening, or the many and various exotic places she has encountered, Moss is an artist who is not afraid to expose painful, sharp-edged revelations.

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Catherine Moss

Catherine Moss lives in Calgary and has often spent summer and fall hiking in the high country.  Her favourite destinations involve the transition from forest to alpine tundra.


Writing Above Timberline

above eight thousand feet
the energy of emptiness
pushes back larch
lifts up
stone valleys

alpine tundra
rejects formal script
it splashes lichen graffiti
orange      yellow      grey/green
on rock
cut to the core
by snow      wind
      the wildness
of an open page