Static Mantis

by Aaran Fisher

The poem Static Mantis is an investigation into our experience of reality, a challenge to the idea that works of fiction, or the fictions that we create for ourselves every day, are required to hold any consistency or similarity to the “real” world. Insects, space travel, the apocalypse and The Beatles swarm in clouds of randomized particles which disperse and settle, showing themselves to be neither more nor less substantial than the simple fact of existence.

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Arran Fisher

Arran Fisher was born in Brisbane, Australia, and raised in Saskatoon, Vancouver, and Calgary. He has a philosophy degree from the University of Calgary, where he studied writing under Nicole Markotic and Fred Wah. Since then he has travelled to Europe, the United States, and Japan, where he took part in the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration. He is cofounder of the rock band, The Summerlad.