She Dreams in Red

by Alexis Kienlen

She Dreams in Red is the story of journeys – from China to Canada, to Indonesia, to Mongolia into the mysteries of the human heart and romantic relationships. Exploring the author’s unique cultural background and history, travels and encounters with love and loss, these poems attempt to make sense of the world with simple images painted in clean brushstrokes.

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Alexis Kienlen

Alexis Kienlen is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is of mixed ethnic heritage: Chinese, French, German, and English/Scottish. She holds an International Studies degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University. Alexis has lived in Montreal, Wainwright Alberta, Grande Prairie Alberta, Vancouver, Indonesia and Mongolia. Her poetry, fiction and journalism pieces have appeared in numerous publications throughout Canada. She has written two poetry books, She Dreams in Red and 13.

Kienlen writes knowingly of Chinese Cafes, splendid meals, a barely acknowledged grandfather’s wife left in China and racism, of the words that “slapped my mother’s face.” These poems live in a world of secrets and legends and what she takes from the past.
~ Bill Robertson, Star Phoenix

Plenty to admire in the brevity and close observation of domestic and travelogue detail, the handling of colloquial speech rhythms and phrasing.
~ Richard Stevenson, Northern Poetry Review