by j. fisher

iii is a summation of the dread, the absence and the anguish a man in his mid-thirties experiences as he contemplates his past and future. It has a lot to say about alcohol, drugs and sexual politics. iii is a lesson in what not to do, who to avoid, what choices to rethink. Then again, it might just be about girls.

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J. Fisher

J. Fisher was born in Edson, has lived and worked in Victoria’s downtown core and is now in Calgary. His first short story “for what it’s worth” was published when he was 19. He spent his early 20s as a wildly unsuccessful blues singer and lyricist. His love of the word propelled him thru his failings until, in 2004, he managed to bring together the pieces which would make up his first collection, Death Day Erection. His poems continue to appear in e-zines, reviews and publications all over North America and Europe.