GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for our Times (Downloadable PDF)

Edited by Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon, Tanis MacDonald

In GUSH, more than 100 women and nonbinary writers from Canada and around the world take apart the bloody instruction of menstruation: its cultures, its lessons, its equipment, and its lexicon. Co-edited byRosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon, and Tanis MacDonald, GUSH offers menstrual manifestos for our time that question the cultural value and social language of monthly blood loss, with rage, humour, ferocity, and grief, and propose that the ‘menstrual moment’ is as individualized, subjective, personal, political, and vital as the ‘feminist click’. With work from emerging and established writers in poetry, cartoons, flash fiction, personal essays, lyric confessions, and experimental forms, this anthology features the voices of Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers with disabilities, rural writers and urban writers, representing four generations of menstruators: writers who call down their bloodiest muses. Including work by Yvette Nolan, Mini Aodla Freeman, Sheri-D Wilson, Sonnet L'Abbe, Pamela Mordecai, Susan Holbrook, and many more.

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Additional information

Rosanna Deerchild is an award-winning Cree author and broadcaster. Her family is from the O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation located near South Indian Lake, Manitoba; she grew up in Thompson, Manitoba. Her debut poetry collection, this is a small northern town (Muses’ Company), won the 2009 Lansdowne Prize for Poetry, and she launched her second book, Calling Down the Sky (Bookland Press) in 2015. She is a co-founder and a member of the Indigenous Writers Collective of Manitoba. She lives in Winnipeg and works as the host of Unreserved for CBC Radio One.

Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg writer. Her second collection of poetry, Stowaways (Palimpsest Press, 2014), won the 2015 Lansdowne Prize for Poetry. She is currently writing creative non-fiction about Winnipeg’s urban forest. Recent projects include a Synonym Art Consultation residency, where she sat on the patio of the Tallest Poppy restaurant for a weekend and wrote poems to the boulevard elm.

Tanis MacDonald is the author of three books of poetry including Rue The Day (Turnstone Press, 2008), as well as the non-fiction The Daughter’s Way (WLUP, 2012). Her fourth collection, Mobile, is forthcoming from Book*hug. Her instructional memoir, Out of Line: Daring to be an Artist Outside the Big City, was published by Wolsak and Wynn in 2018. She is associate professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.


Polly Atkin, Natalie Appleton, Lisa Baird, Ali Barnett, Georgina Beaty, Morag Bee, Tasha Beeds, S.M. Beiko, Sharon Berg, Nilanjana Bhowmick, Yvonne Blomer, melanie brannagan frederiksen, Alice Burdick, Natalee Caple, Ceò, Kerry Clare, Kim Clark, Chelsea Comeau, Gemma Correll, Lucas Crawford, Ruth Daniell, Rosanna Deerchild, Melanie Dennis Unrau, Elizabeth Denny, JoAnn Dionne, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Paula Eisenstein, Cathy Elliott, Louise Fabiani, Meags Fitzgerald, Nathalie Foy, Mini Aodla Freeman, Geula Geurts, Kerry Gilbert, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Andrea “Andy” Gonzales and Sophie Houser, Ariel Gordon, Nora Gould, Catherine Graham, Carolyn Gray, Sonja Greckol, Susan Holbrook, Cornelia Hoogland, Mary Horodyski, Louisa Howerow, Sally Ito, Africa Jackson, Dawn Karima, Basma Kavanagh, Karen Keeley, Penn Kemp, Barbara Klar, Karen Klassen, Sarah-Jean Krahn, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Sylvia D. Hamilton, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Sonnet L’Abbé, Rachel Lallouz, Kateri Lanthier, Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie, Anne Lazurko, Erica Violet Lee, Nanci Lee, Louella Lester, Ingrid Littmann-Tai, Canisia Lubrin, Jeanette Lynes, Tanis MacDonald, Carin Makuz, Shannon Maguire, Corinne L. Mason, Micheline Maylor, Chandra Mayor, Katie McGarry, Janet Miller, Christine Minnery, Pamela Mordecai, Erín Moure, Hoa Nguyen, Yvette Nolan, Erin O’Hara, Arleen Paré, Lia Pas, Miranda Pearson, Jessica Penner, a. charlie peters, Pearl Pirie, Monique Polak, K.I. Press, Jennifer Quist, Nikki Reimer, Monica Rico, Janet Rogers, Laisha Rosnau, Sharanpal Ruprai, Kerry Ryan, Rebecca Salazar, Brenda Schmidt, Jackie Seidel, Roxanne Shuttleworth, Emily Skov-Nielsen, Susan Stenson, Waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy, Chimwemwe Undi, Revati Upadhya, Jacqueline Valencia, Andrea von Wichert, Natalie Zina Walschots, Alana Westwood, Sheri-D Wilson, Catriona Wright, Jen Zoratti.