Death Day Erection

by J. Fisher

Death day erection
last bone thrown
down life’s roadway of lost mileage.

From “Passing on Horse” by J. Fisher

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J. Fisher

J. Fisher was born in Edson, has lived and worked in Victoria’s downtown core and is now in Calgary. His first short story “for what it’s worth” was published when he was 19. He spent his early 20s as a wildly unsuccessful blues singer and lyricist. His love of the word propelled him thru his failings until, in 2004, he managed to bring together the pieces which would make up his first collection, Death Day Erection. His poems continue to appear in e-zines, reviews and publications all over North America and Europe.

J. Fisher is the Quintessential counter-culture archetype, a James Dean incarnate… Fisher’s strongest work blends base abstractions with complex allusions. Nevertheless he achieves some dexterous sleights of hand (it’s all in the wrist) and a sense of alienation only the young can cherish.
~Anne Burke, Prairie Journal

(Fisher) draws equally from the wells of Beat, punk, and street vernacular/performance oriented poets like the Renegades, Hip Hoppers, and Nuyorican Café poets. Charles Bukowski, Jim Carroll, and Lou Reed lurk in the shadows here too… His strengths — sense of melody and rhythm, ability to extemporize through rhyme, half rhyme, or image association — are everywhere in abundance.
~Richard Stevenson, Lethbridge Insider

Fisher’s undeniable energy will take him further down the road of excess toward the palace of wisdom. ~Harry Vandervlist, Alberta Views[/quote]

An atheist with an uncommon adhesion to the profane attributes of current mortal satisfactions, J. Fisher will have you enticed, his imagery will haunt you and his lacerate heart will **** you gently to the next piece of art. Enjoy, be welcome, beware.
~Christopher Rice