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Swallowing My Mother

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Catherine Moss is a jeweller of words. Every poem in Swallowing My Mother is carefully crafted and polished, but beneath the polish lies great emotional risk. Whether she is dealing with childhood loss, her passion for gardening, or the many and various exotic places she has encountered, Moss is an artist who is not afraid to expose painful, sharp-edged revelations.


Moss … moves slyly from descriptive to declamatory speech, allowing the poems to burrow from straightforward narrative and description to archetypal symbol. I like that: it looks easy, and I know it isn’t. The fact that Ms Moss is well-travelled shows not only in the variety of her landscapes, but in the dexterous camera work.

~Richard Stevenson, The Danforth Review

Moss is a poet whose joy in the variety of language, and the variety of the nature it reflects and shapes, sounds from almost every line.

~Alexander Rettie, Alberta Views

Catherine Moss has an instinct for language, awakening rhythms and images that are at once lyrical and sparse. Swallowing My Mother is an enticing and exciting new book of poetry whose merit lies not only in its literary value, but also in its insightful account of personal and collective experiences.

~Jennifer Bronson, League of Canadian Poets

About the Author

Forty years ago Catherine Moss left England to travel around the world. In Canada she worked as an occupational therapist, and planned a route to Australia. Then love intervened; she made a home – and a garden – in Alberta. From her parents and grandparents Moss inherited a delight in gardening and the desire for travel; over the last thirty-five years she and her husband have visited six continents. Her poetry has appeared in many Canadian literary magazines and has been broadcast on CBC radio. Moss edited FreeFall magazine for two years and taught poetry at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society in Calgary.

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