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Falling Blues

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6 x 9 inches


Falling Blues sings about edges and air, about fear, about letting go, jumping, plunging. The poems chart some of the many ways we have of falling in and out (of love, of lines), of falling for and under (spells, sinners, mystics), of falling off and down and getting back up and on again. It`s about what throws and carries us, what we are given, what we learn and what – and who – we take with us on the vertiginous journey through the body`s mischief, to the stillness we imagine lies beyond falling.

  • Shortlisted – Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry
  • Falling Blues Longlisted for the Alberta Reader’s Choice


At home in the canon of Canadian lyricism.

~Globe and Mail

Familiar comforts – marital beds, teacups – are balanced on the knife edge of language, scissored into poetic forms from villanelle to blues. The result is attentive and disconcerting. The beautiful success of this superb collection is due to the use of verbs, always freshly precise and colourfully sound.

~Jury, Dektet 2010

About the Author

Jannie Edwards was born in South Africa and now lives and writes in Edmonton, Alberta. Her second book of poetry, Blood Opera: The Raven Tango Poems, was a collaboration with visual artist Paul Saturley and was adapted for the stage by Edmonton’s Theatre Prospero. Her videopoem, Engrams: Reach and Seize Memory, is a collaborative work inspired by the installation tryptych of Edmonton artist Darci Mallon. The work features Edwards’ poetry translated into American Sign Language and performed by Deaf actor and translator Linda Cundy. Jannie Edwards’ website is

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