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There Goes The Neighbourhood – Short Stories

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6 x 9 inches


There Goes the Neighbourhood is a collection of ten dark-humoured stories that explore the urban setting and portray not only what might go on behind closed doors, but also in front. The stories are of mixed genre: realism, hyperrealism, magic realism, sci-fi, pomo, noir … with some attempt at genre-bending in particular cases, such as might be found in the works of Rod Serling, Julio Cortazar or Franz Kafka. The characters range from the lesser- to the more-educated and this interaction is most often reflected in the use of dialogue and discourse, ranging from the erudite to the profane. These are characters of acceptance. If life deals lemons, they rarely consider making lemonade. Rather, they accept what is given and try to make the best of a bad deal and hope for the best. A young couple is chastised by neighbours for fencing in their back garden. An older couple is offered a chance to earn money by shooting a porn video in their basement. An old voyeur spies on the actions of a lascivious mail deliverer. The results are generally more amusing than tragic.

About the Author

Stan Rogal lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US and Europe, some in translation. He is the author of 21 books and a produced playwright.

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