About Us

Frontenac House is a dynamic publishing house based in Calgary, Alberta. Since 2000 we have published a wide variety of titles in categories such as poetry, aviation, political satire, fiction, art and photography. Frontenac is best known for an annual Quartet of poetry books which launch in September.

The principals of Frontenac House are Neil Petrunia (Publisher) and Terry Davies (Managing Editor).

Neil has a degree in Creative Writing from York University, and as principle of a small design firm, has designed all of Frontenac’s books. “When I am working on a design project, I read everything that I process, and perform a proofreading and copy edit as I go. While it seems like extra work for a designer to undertake, I feel it speeds the process up considerably and ultimately ends with a finer product. As Publisher at Frontenac, my role is to make sure all the stakeholders for each project are working together and towards the same objective: producing excellent books.”

Terry has an MA in Medieval Intellectual History, and has taught writing at the college level for over 20 years. “My role as editor is to work with authors to make their work better, to make it as good as we can. I am a coach. I have to look at the work from the point of view of both the creator and the consumer. Writers have needs, and readers have needs. My job is as much as possible to align those needs.”

We are proud to have Micheline Maylor, Calgary’s current Poet Laureate, as our Poetry editor. Lyn Cadence handles marketing and publicity. Bob Stallworthy has worked for Frontenac in many capacities over the years.

Book distribution is handled by Alpine Book Peddlers of Canmore, AB.  http://alpinebookpeddlers.ca

Our titles may be purchased directly from this website through links to Alpine Book Peddlers. Clicking on a Buy Now link will open an appropriate page on Alpine’s website.